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StageSource L3T sound deterioration

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I have purchased a used L3T last year and lastly it started behaving oddly: after a while the sound gets muddy and I need to turn off/on the unit in order to get things back to normal.


To better describe the problem, attached is a demo recorded with my Zoom H2N: I plugged my laptop straight to Aux In (levels are good) and played some music; You can notice at 00:09 that the sound starts to deteriorate all of a sudden.


This happens as well while singing (Mic to XLR to L3T's front) but I cannot afford letting you hear my horrible singing voice.


Anyway, hope you guys have some ideas about what's going on!







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It seems my problem is very similar to the one mentioned in this thread:


solution for him:

The LF driver blew. It has since been repaired by Line6 and all is good..


Hmm..okay so what can I do from here? My l3t is not under warranty anymore  :)

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Hi everybody.


It's been more than two years after my previous post about this issue. But now it has come to an (satisfying altough not cheap - $350) end for my unit.


Let me say first that it would have been very annoying if the issue had been due to a blown driver as L3t's are supposed to have a limiter function (not sure if these are the proper words) to avoid this kind of failures.


If one listens carefully to the sound issue that other people have uploaded, the unit loses all the medium frequencies. This could be due to a blown MF driver or a wiring failure (maybe a faston connector that got loose) but, in my case, it was not due to a blown driver nor a wiring failure. So we started thinking that what was really going on is that the issue appeared because the unit started to behave like a subwoofer (L3s).


But... How can be this possible? And, even more incredible, the issue became intermitent... Sometimes my L3t would return to normal operation by raising volume, but sometimes it wouldn't... We could not figure an explanation for this behaviour, apart from electronics failure at this point.


So, our last idea was swapping the electronics with another unit. This way we could know for sure if the issue was due to drivers/wiring or electronics.


To our surprise, and luckily, it worked and now my problem is gone after the swap, so definitely it was a hardware/firmware issue.


TO LINE6: My unit went through this same exact problem still being under warranty so... I wonder if somebody can assure that this problem won't come up again in a few years... Because in that case I would have to go through the same problem for the third time (second if we exclude the "under warranty" repair). And this is not a cheap unit as to suffer this kind of problems each few years...


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