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When are we getting a tuner?


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I don't get why people want a tuner in a VST plugin.


I use Reaper, if I want a real time Tuner I have ReaTune which is not only a nice tuner, but also can auto tune to custom keys and is virtually undetectable when tuning recorded tracks. I can place ReaTune in front of Native and have both UI showing so I have a tuner and Native both active and visible at the same time.


I also have a standalone VST host and that also allow multiple VST per path with multiple UI visible and the ability to mute via MIDI pedal.


Not trying to be critical here, but in what situation do you need to have a tuner embedded into Native that can't be met by any number of tuner VST?

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I just finished reading the review of Helix Native in the 11/17 Mix magazine, and one of their main gripes was the lack of a tuner, calling it "inconvenient."


Me? I would prefer Line 6 focus on adding Snapshots and Send/Return blocks (for virtual audio routing), unless adding a tuner is trivial. I just use the built-in Tuner button in Logic Pro X, like always.

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