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Distortion model advice


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Well...  luckily no model of MT-2!

It's a way too compressed and uber-distorting.

Knowing a little its circuit, you could try a chain with:

- a compressor with a lot of compression

- an equalizer before the amp and od pedals, with a lot of mid boost (and low q factor), and a cut (with high q) of treble; you could also boost a little (or a lot) the bass frequencies

- an od pedal with clipping diodes shunted to ground like the Rat (Vermin) with a lot of gain; the Rat cuts the bass frequencies a lot, that is why I suggested to boost the bass before the OD, because the MT-2 does not cut anything

-  and then a parametric equalizer, specially to adjust the mids (both gain and frequency)

Good luck...

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At some point, wouldn't it just be better to use a high gain amp model? I always felt the MT-2 was intended for people wanting to practice playing metal at quiet volumes in their bedrooms, without having to push a massive amplifier to distortion. I suspect there is no MT-2 model for the same reason I think there is no Governor or other "Marshal in a box" type pedals. The focus is on making Metal amps and Marshal amps. If you really want to run that sound as a stompbox into a cleaner amp, and you don't want to put the actual pedal in the effects loop, try using a metal preamp as if it were a distortion pedal in front of the amp. It takes some experimentation, but can yield some interesting tones.

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I was quite disappointed to see that the Metal Zone isn't in the Helix, given that it was in the Pod XT, and that it's a classic pedal for certain genres. Another overlooked one is the HM-2, the mainstay of several death metal bands to this day. Neither pedal is a smooth tube-amp tone but neither was meant to be. I'm really hoping one or both are added soon.

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8 hours ago, andrezao_j said:

There is a metal zone in  Helix. High Gain Distotion in Legacy Drive Block.


Keep in mind this thread is from 2017 and the legacy effects were not included until version 2.5... released earlier this year. 

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