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Is There A Way To Use The Pod Simply As A Four Channel Switcher Bypassed From Effects?


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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere..


I just want to set up a bank - or if I need to use the whole pod simply as a switcher for the four channels. Or if possible create a couple of patches - channel IV (of the amp) along with Channel IV at a boosted volume and a little bit of delay for lead etc.


I guess what I'm asking is can you use the amp - and not the modelling from the pod -and just use the pod to change channels so that the amp becomes a 4 channel amp as opposed to 2.

Or do already have it confused...



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I gues you can set it up as a 8 chanel amp by selecting the two dt channels and 2x4 voicings via midi.

One drawback is the amps eq section, it can not be programmed via midi it's so called wysiwyg, so you have to manualy do the eq changes each time you select a channel.

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there are only 2 channels not 4... you are talking about the 4 voicings in the amp... (different than channels)


it most likely can't be made to do what you want... because the audio goes one direction... meaning any effects you placed in the post position would be ignored.

in addition to the voicings and knob issues that MGblade mentioned...


in any case... the modeling from the pod is the exact same modeling in the DT amps... so you are making it complicated for no reason...

they are designed to be integrated... if there is a difference in sound, then you don't have them set the same....

one common mistake is setting the pod amp model to "no cab" the DT amps DO use cab models... so they will not sound the same if you select no cab in the pod.

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I know it, s a 2 channel amp, but the 2x 4 voicings can be used as 8 different tone's /amp's (channel)



That's true, but it's still pretty limited, because you're still stuck with using the same EQ, drive, and other settings with each voicing unless you change those settings with MIDI, too. It's not really the same as having 8 different presets available on the amp. Using the HD500 with L6 Link is a lot more versatile.

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