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Tips for workflow (Logic)

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I’ve just got Native and I’m getting rid of the Kemper as I’m using the Helix more and more.


I’m sure that having loads of tracks with Native open will use excessive amounts of processing power.


I have a fairly recent MacBook Pro (2015) and I’ve had 40+ track projects open without a problem when using the Kemper, but I hear a few stories about high CPU useage.


I could freeze tracks I don’t use but then I need to unfreeze them to playback and stuff which could mean more stress in the system.


Maybe it won’t be any problem, but I’m just asking how you chaps do it. Thanks!

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I usually just use the amp and cabinet or IR to get the tones I want, and then use subsequent sends for any needed other reverb, delay, or effects. (unless there are specific Helix guitar effects I want). If I'm using Helix on more than one track, I normally freeze the track when I have the tone where I want it, but I do that with any virtual instrument since its easy to freeze/unfreeze in Logic if needed and I need to keep my buffer small. So far I haven't had any problems with CPU load when using Native (on a i7 4.0 GHz Late 2015 iMac).

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