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What's Your Shortlist of Most Used Helix Amp Models


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Just curious which amp models you end up using the most because you find them the most useful or exactly what you're shooting for etc.


Here are my favorites that I end up using most often:


Essex A-30

US Double Norm

Brit 2204

PRS Archon




Which are yours?

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I'll have to check out the couple amps that seem to be on most people's short list.


I've played a couple gigs and at church a few times since I got the LT.  It's been all thru mainly one preset.


Brit Plexi Brt


I played my really clean stuff on a:


Deluxe (plus dirt pedals to spice it up a bit)

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Current preset is


Jazz Rivet

Mandarin 80


I'm using the expression pedal to go between full clean on the Jazz and and full dirty on the Mandarin which still has about 60% of the Jazz mixed in.


On the Mandarin I'm doing 8.5 gain with master and bias at 10 but I found a fun thing was turning the Hum up to 7 or just a tiny bit higher. Makes this cool overtone type thing happen when bending notes up.


Lead drive is Tube Screamer with gain 0 tone 3 level 7.5


I'm also using the free IR from Celestion, found I really like that one over all the other IR's I have.

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