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Connecting the Helix to the MesaBoogie Mark V

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Hello everyone, 


I just had my brand new Helix pedalboard and I'd like to plug it in my Mesa Boogie Mark V.

What's the best method: connecting only through the poweramps/ using the Boogie preamp too?


In fact, i'm looking to stop using my mesa footswitch.

indeed, i found the helix direct sound a bit cold and i'm telling me passing through my tube amp should warm up this!


Thank you all for your answers in advance





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Personally I would encourage you to wait a bit until you get a degree of familiarity with using the cabs, IRs, Mic and mic placements as well as the blending of IRs, cabs and mics before jumping to the conclusion that the Helix won't produce warm tones.  You might be surprised what it can do once you understand the breadth of capabilities and how to use them.

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