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Helix Soft Carry Case, An Alternative To The Official Backpack


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Hey there fellow Helix lovers, I found a great soft carry case for my helix, not a backpack.  It's an Odyssey BRLDIGITALXL. It's made for a DJ Midi Controller, but

it fits and works great for the Helix. I don't personally care for or have any use for the ring loops on the official Helix Backpack, I also don't want any branding on any of my cases if I can avoid it. This case is like an oversized well padded laptop sling bag, huge extra compartment holds all my cables and extras. The Bag comes with a second bag inside, a bag within a bag, I removed that. Check it out! Here's some photos and here's a video review I made.







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Not a backpack guy, carry my guitar in a gig bag on my back, prefer to sling the Helix over my shoulder.


So... I bought one of these, works great, nice snug fit, good padding, lotsa pockets. Also low-profile/anonymous. Wife wants the extra bag. Go figure.

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