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Assigning Parameters to the EXP Pedal

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So I've read through the Pilot's Guide...watched a few videos.

Is it NOT possible to add the pitch for the Bender to be controlled by the EXP pedal?

I got the Firehawk mostly for home jamming but I would also like to be able to use it in an extreme pinch as a backup for my Helix but I NEED to be able to do a two-octave drop with the EXP pedal to simulate a tape-stop style effect, but I can't seem to assign that parameter to the EXP pedal?

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Hi. Select Bender as a pedal in your patch.


On the Bender options screen, press and hold anywhere on the Position slider bar on your iPad and a box pops up asking if you want to assign tweak to the Position parameter. Yes.


Then there will be an option below the bar to assign it to the pedal. Yes (btw No means that you control it with the fx knob).


Then mess with your sliders to get the effect you want - toe 0, heel -12? I don't know. Whatever gets you the effect you're after.


I hope that helps.

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