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Problem With Spideriv (75w) + Shortboard Fbv + Ex1

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Hi guys, i own an spider IV (75W) combined with the shortbaord fbv and the EX1.

The problem i have is:

during i am using the EX1 as a wahwahpedal, it happens sometimes that my shortboard seems to disconnect the EX1.

the result is, that the amp turns the volume up to maximum and the volumepedal of the FBV becomes a wahwah pedal. (like if you are hitting the toe-switch)
the only thing i can do to fix it, is to plug the stereo jack of the EX1 out and in again.


is this a known problem? has anyone an idea how to fix it?

it changed the stereo jack and the cable, but the problem is still showing up sometimes.



thanks for your help, and i hope you can understand my english ;) ( i am from germany)


see ya guys

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I am having exactly the same problem but I am using a spider iv 150w.

I have also noticed that sometimes when this happens when you operate the fbv shortboard pedal it sounds as if it has a scratchy pot which is strange as I believe it is optical .This also rectifies when you unplug and plug the ex-1 back in.

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