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USB and Helix LT


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Hi there. 

I have been having usb drop out issues with my helix LT since I purchased it Oct 31.  For the first few days it was unusable because it failed during a fw update (2.12 > 2.21). I had tried the usual leads, no hubs, front and back sockets and other computers but had little luck. I finally got it to upload the 2.21 fw by sheer persistence.  Since then I have had limited success connecting it to my Windows 10 PC.  I even reformatted and reinstalled windows :) after that I have been able to transfer small batches (6 patches or IR's) to the unit from my pc. Any more and I run the risk of drop out, resulting with shutting down the LT and exiting the editor and restarting.

But to bring this post up to present - I managed to upgrade it successfully to 2.30 but the USB issues remain and that back up file is just too big and drops out every time.  Also the pinned post at the top of this thread ( For those of you who might need a little help with the 2.30 update: ) shows a USB transfer speed MUCH faster than mine.  I have the latest drivers and no hardware conflicts. What gives?

I have an open ticket but the only apparent option is return for servicing.  The Helix LT itself is brilliant! Sounds amazing and even though I have had these issues the unit is so much fun I have stuck with it - but I would love to be able to use it as intended.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I've had my Helix floor for over a year now and I've had dropouts left and right. I've gone as far as sending it in for service but will Volkman at Line 6 says that the MCU DSP board has been replaced and they've tested it at their facility and everything seems to be fine. I get it back here at my house and it's the same story. Four computers, 11 USB cables later and I'm tearing my hair out over here.


Every other piece of USB gear I have works just fine with all of these cords and computers including audio interfaces and My Line 6 pod hd500x.


I really hope a solution comes to either one or both of us

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