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Is The 89f Trem System A Good One ?

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is the 89f trem system a good one ?


i  have a new 89f on the way coming from Sweetwater.com .

the only trem i have ever used is the one on my Fender mim Strat.


i was doing a little web surfing and i am starting to get the impression that

a lot of "licensed by" Floyd Rose trems aren't very good.


is the FR system  on the JTV 89f a descent one ? 

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You will be very happy with this tremelo system.  Very robust and responsive.  The guitar should show up setup with very low action. 

My 89F just arrived yesterday and the action is a bit too low on some of the strings!  (Slight buzz on the B if played at the fourth fret, and the high E above the 12th) Time to learn how to adjust the saddles on a floating bridge...

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