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External Looper

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I'm still researching the Helix, but I have a question. I have a Boss RC-300 looper, (3 loops, lots of functionality). On my current pedalboard, I set it up 2 ways. In both cases my chain is: guitar, compressor, Pitchfork, distortion, volume pedal, looper, delays, reverbs. 

1) Can I use my looper in this same location with the Helix?

2) I also sometimes place the looper dead last, thus recording the signal with all effects. Can I do that?

If I can do both, do I need to swap any cables, or is the looper just in one of the 4 effects lines?

Thanks, really appreciate any help, Bill

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Yes to both questions. Set the RC300 up in one of the Helix FX loops and then you can drop it in the chain in any position you like.

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