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Midi Madness - Help very much needed!

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is anyone using Helix with Ableton Live? So far, I have had some success using Ableton to automatically switch between patches and snapshots using Midi Envelopes. This is fantastic for when I am playing live (we also use Ableton to play keyboard backing tracks and generate a click track for our drummer).


However, I find the midi switching behaves quite randomly at times.  Sometimes the midi connection seems to drop out completely, sometimes if I hit play on the song it fails to switch to the correct patch.


Today I have been setting it up to control looping. I managed to get the looper to automatically begin recording, drop-in an overdub, stop and start again....as I needed it to. I was thrilled. Then, suddenly, it starts behaving oddly. For example, it will rapidly flick between overdub in and out, even though the Midi envelope is set to a single number. 


Frankly, it is driving me nuts!


I'm using a brand new 2017, Macbook pro. I'm using a USB connection to Helix.


Any help will save me from madness.


Thank you in advance,



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