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Scribble Strip problem Flickering, some missing and some in wrong place


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Two updates ago, my scribble strips, after an update, the bottom row disappears and what was on the bottom row goes to the top and shifts over and only the top four work. You can press the buttons and they still work properly, but the scribble strip have problems. I installed the new update and it fixed the problem until I turned the unit off for an hour. I have the global set to all snap shots, so it isn't that I don't know what I am doing. I could go in right now and do the update again and it will fix the problem until I turn the unit off. I am sure this can be fixed with a firmware. Either that or something is failing. It is still under warranty but it is the only amp I have and I need it. I think it can be fixed without sending my unit in by a firmware fix. It could be a failing storage part I guess.

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