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12-string emulation

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I know this has been discussed, but I'm going to bring it up again in hopes of getting some support for its incorporation.  I use a Digitech Mosaic to get a reasonable live 12-string emulation.  If you're in a cover band trying to make money (especially in the casinos with a Boomer crowd) you play Beatles, Byrds, Eagles, Tom Petty, etc.  That means 12-string.  Taking up room on your pedal board with a one-trick pony like the Mosaic when I already have a Line 6 product on board is a real aggravation.  I don't need 185 amp sims with 230 speaker cab sims with 565 mic sims, but I DO need 1 decent 12-string emulation.


Can I get any love here????


Mike McLane

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