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Recording using Pod 500x and reaper v5.62

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Hello guys, i am new here and i want an advice from you.
i have Pod HD 500x and i have Reaper for recording.
my problems are:-
first thing when i connect the pod to my laptod the sound is really bad, i hear the sound of the guitar like there are 2 guitars plugged into the laptod with an Echo, and sometimes there is no sound at all.
i dont know what am doing wrong there, but can anyone tell me the proper way to connect the pod to the laptod??

second thing, how can i get a distortion sound and a clean sound at the same time using 2 tracks or channels on reaper while am recording???



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How are you listening to the sound - i.e. how do you have the HD500X plugged into the computer, and where are the headphones/speakers plugged into?

Reaper has a 'monitor' button on each track - this lets you hear the sound as it is being recorded, but if you are 'direct monitoring' you would get the direct sound of the guitar in the HD PLUS the slightly-delayed signal coming back from Reaper.

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