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Windows 10 64-bit does not properly recognize my M20d as Audio Device...

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Greeting folks,

having just bought my first DAW (PreSOnus Studio One), i proceeded to link my PC up to the M20d; sadly, Windows does discover the M20d and lists it in the general Devices list...however it does not complet the initialization properly, and does not elect it to be an Audio Device.


Rebooted both, disconnected, reconnected...something's missing in my Windows install...any similar case in here ?


M20d is running the latest SW 1.20.


Appreciate any hints!


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I don't think I can help you other than to confirm that my M20d works fine with my Windows 10 64bit laptop*

It may be a stupid question, but have you installed the Drivers for the M20d? Available from the downloads page.


*apart from the horrendous latency. Line 6 can we please have a "Studio Mode" where the hardware just acts a 16 In x 6 Out USB interface?


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I have indeed found this article:


and while the "remove current drivers" part had no effect - my PC kept rediscovering the M20d three times in a row aft i selected Uninstall....

...installing the driver v1.76 now makes the M20d recognizable as an Audio Interface.

Now let me see if the DAW works properly :)

Thanks for caring!

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Just as a confirmation: i take it that the M20d is NOT supposed to operate as a "normal" Audio Device - ie, if i choose M20d as the Default Communication Device in the Windows Sound > Playback Devices panel, and then i start Windows Media Player or any other music player on the PC, the player complains that it can't play out the music. Playback does not even start.

I mean, out of the USB interface, from the PC into the M20d.


If i choose Helix instead as the Default Device in Playback Devices, the Helix does receive tha audio stream over the USB link, and the WMP does not report any issues.

This makes me think any audio from the PC to the M20d has to go necessarily via the PC analog audio out and into the M20d analog AUX ingress. This is also hinted at in the M20d user guide, in the Streaming section.

So Helix and M20d are not equivalent for audio playback over USB from a PC.

Thanks for any confirmations on this point, obviously i would think the audio is better sent in digital form from PC to M20d over USB, as i would not rely on the audio quality of the internal sound card in the PC if this was working.


My PC has Windows 10 64bit, and updated M20d drivers; the M20d has updated firmware.

On the PC, in the Sound > Playback panel, i have Helix reported as "Speakers - Default Device", and just below this line i have the M20d as "Speakers - Default Communication Device". I don't know if this difference is just a descriptive label, or if it indeed means the two devices do not posses the same capbilites as playback devices.

In Device Manager > Audio inputs and outputs, both Helix and M20d are reported as Digital Audio Interface, and both are labelled as "Speakers" here they seem to be equivalent in the way Windows knows their capabilities.


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An update on the last item: i discovered the M20d works fine (passes audio into the PC, accets audio out of the PC) if i plug the USB cable into a different USB port on the if anyone has a similar problem, just try out all USB ports you have...they are not all the same type...i did not enquire more on the PC itself.


Latency is above 1 second though...i also realized the M20d cannot be used as a normal Audio is only good for realtime recording of all track in a single shot; in this case it is usable.

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Glad to hear you resolved the issues. I was in Chicago on work until yesterday, so couldn't access my gear to check anything out.

I discovered that I can do manual latency compensation in Reaper and if I spend time to adjust the settings it is practical to do overdubs using M20d, but not perfect as adjustments to levels or eq still take over a second to be heard. But at least new recordings align correctly with the original tracks so you don't have to manually shift them each time.

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In my case, since i also have Helix, i simply reverted to using Helix as the soundcard into Studio Pro...i am just starting up with home recording, and have to find the proper approach touse my gear...


Somwe'll play live into the M20d, then we'll port the audio file into the DAW, and from there we'll use the Helix for further tracking...

Thanks formyour assistance!


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