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Ownhammer impluses - minimum vs. non-minimum phase transformed


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Just a small tip: if you are using Ownhammer impulses, try the non-minimum phase transformed files, e.g. those located in the fractal folders. Impulses in the Line6 folder are minimum phase transformed (MPT). I found that the non-MPT samples feel a little more realistic in the low mids and may even explain why the AxeFX may sound slightly fuller in some of the direct comparisons. Don't expect too much, but I liked the effect and will continue to use those IRs. Since I am only using Ownhammer impulses in combination with each other, there shouldn't be any phase issues either.


From the Ownhammer manual:

"Files in the “Mpt†folder are minimum phase transformed versions of the ‘raw’ files in the directory above them.  Minimum phase transformation destroys all phase information contained within an IR file, and has a sonic result that may work better or worse for a given situation or taste.  Above all, minimum phase transformation achieves a global time and phase alignment for IR’s from any source or creator.  All non-Mpt’d OwnHammer files are universally time aligned to be 1st party compatible for blending, however if blending with 3rd party content, Mpt’d files will likely be required unless significant time is spent in the parallel time and phase alignment process."

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I felt the same way about the non-MPT versions.  I'm never sure if its a real thing Im hearing or if I'm just slightly losing my mind while comparing tons of IRs.  Always glad to see someone else thinks so too.


If anyone is using multiple IRs, or to blend IRs and the stock cabs, then I would stick with the MPT versions.

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