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2.30 changes to existing amp models?


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Is there a list of changes to the existing amp models?


I'm asking because i use an Cali IV Lead and a Line 6 Litigator in the same preset. I use a foot switch to toggle between the amps. Before the update the volume of both amps was approximately the same. Now after i upgraded to v2.30 the Cali IV Lead is significantly lower. I have to increase the Ch Vol parameter form 6.5 to 10.0 to get equal volume again. Is this expected?

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From the release notes:


Bug Fixes
- Turning the Cali IV Rhythm 1 model’s Master knob down can occasionally cause an increase in output volume -FIXED
- When UK 846 and Teardrop 310 wah models’ Level and Mix parameters are set to 0, ~3dB of gain can be added -FIXED
- Pitch blocks’ Interval parameters may not be properly restored after exporting and then importing a preset -FIXED
- MIDI clock could become unstable for a brief time after adjusting certain parameters on the Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo page - FIXED
- In the Command Center, if an Ext Amp message is assigned to a footswitch, Ext Amp messages assigned to Instant commands may not restore properly -FIXED
- General stability improvements
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations
Known Issues
- In rare cases, MIDI note commands set to momentary can switch to “latchingâ€
- If its Mid and Bass parameters are set to 0.0, the Cali IV Lead Amp/Amp+Cab model sometimes exhibits a decrease in gain
- If snapshot names have been cleared, preset names can sometimes appear blank when switching from Snapshot footswitch mode to Preset footswitch mode
It's possible the fix for the Cali IV may have had an effect on your preset.
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