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Version 2.0 Firmware Update > Help!


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Hello, I'm new to the forum and to Line 6 products. I just bought a used DT-25 from GC and would appreciate some assistance regarding the version 2.0 Firmware Update. I also own a HD500X & JTV-69 HSS if that helps with assisting me.


I'm really a novice when comes to MIDI, DT-25 & POD HD500X and ask that your assistance be as detailed and complete as possible. I really appreciate it!


  • How/where can I find which firmware version is currently installed in the DT-25? 
  • If I am satisfied which amps are assigned to voicings 1-4, do I really need to do this firmware update?
  • Do I need to buy a MIDI to USB cable, and two MIDI cables to do this firmware update (if I find it hasn't been done)?
    • If I do need to buy the cables, where would I find a cheap MIDI to USB (the one I found on Sweetwater is $50!)
    • Is there any other device, cable, etc I also need to buy?
  • In the DT Firmware Installation Guide I find the following confusing...
    • 'Connect your MIDI interface to your computer, and ensure that it

      functions properly. Then connect your MIDI interface to your DT amp via

      the two MIDI cables. The MIDI “Out†of your interface should connect to

      the DT amp’s MIDI “Input,†and the MIDI “Output†of the DT amp should

      return to the MIDI “Input†jack on your MIDI interface.'

      • The statement above is completely Chinese to me!

      • What is the 'MIDI Interface' (is this another thing I have to buy + the cables)? And how would I connect it to my computer?

Thanks in advance for all who assist me.

Dr. C

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Depending on the date of manufacture it may already have firmware 2.0, assuming the later firmware is now used in production. The easiest way to check is using a midi interface and the Line6 monkey.


If you're happy with the 4 standard voicings then no there's probably no reason to upgrade the firmware. That said I'm fairly certain you can already access the additional voicings using your HD500, the main purpose of the firmware update as I understand it is to allow access to the voicings through midi cc.


To use Line6 monkey and view/update the firmware version you need a midi interface. The simplest solution is a USB midi interface, you can get them for ~$30-50. Ideally get one that has the midi cables attached, one end will be USB and the other will be two 5-pin DIN connectors which connect to the back of the DT-25, see below image


That particular model is the "M-Audio USB Uno"


hope that helps

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