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Helix and classical guitar


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Hi I'm using Helix for live (directo to PA from XLR stereo) in electric guitars.

Now need to incorporate a classical guitar with piezo and onboard preamp Shadow. After few tests uses the loop input (in my guitar sounds better than AUX in). Sometimes the guitar sounds with a lot of bass, sometimes sounds thin, sometimes produces a lot of feedback...

Any recommendation to sound good for both guitars with the same outputs? And to get better tone with the classical guitar? I play rumba.


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umm.... what's causing all the sometimes this and that stuff?

Are you adding effects?

Do you have an amp sim on?

Do you have a bad cable?


For me, when I plug an acoustic in, I tend to use no amp and just add a touch of reverb and/or delay.  Too much reverb and you'll get feedback.  If feedback is a problem, you could try adding an eq and sweep a high q cut through till you find the offending frequency range.


Using a compressor or adding gain from an amp will increase the likelihood of feedback.

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