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Help! Variax bass flashing red LED.

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I have a Variax 705 that had some circuit boadr issues.  I ordered a new old stock coffin assembly.  When I connect it, I just get a flashing RED selector LED.  I tried battery and the Variax connection on my Bass Pod XT Live.  Thinking this was just a bad part, I returned it and got a second coffin assembly.  Before connecting it to any other parts, I plugged it into battery power.  Same red flashing LED.  I cannot find any troubleshooting material that tells me what this means.  Can anyone help?




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Connect it to Line 6 Monkey using the interface device,... not the Bass XT Live.

The interface device is more direct, check the Firmware version. It may want an

update, sometimes new boards like that need to have a wake-up call.


What was the part number you ordered?


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