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I just realized something.


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I just realized that the Spider Jam's amp model volume when turned to zero equals no amp model coloring or so it seems to me. I plugged my HD500 L mono analog out into the guitar input, set up an amp model (HD500) and with the Spider Jam amp model volume at zero the HD500 comes through without being colored. Then while playing I slowly turned the SJ's amp model volume up and noticed the amp model started to mix with the HD500.

I had the HD500's master volume maxed.

So it seems that no matter what amp model on the Spider Jam I chose as long as I had the volume knob at zero I basically had a clean channel and when I slowly turned up the volume knob I could hear the amp model start to kick in.

I'm going to toy around with this a little more as I recently got an iPhone 6, Garageband and am feeding the iPhone out into the HD500 CD/mp3 send the HD500's analog out to either the SJ's Aux in or guitar input. In this case I'm using the guitar input just for fun to hear what will happen.

I just never realized that the SJ's amp modeling worked like this till now, lol. Always learning something I guess.

I was wondering if anyone else realized this?




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