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Slide Guitar Pickup Recommendation.

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Ok calling on all you slide guitar wizards. I've tried a few pickup combinations with body styles for my JTV 69 guitar,and i'm still not sold on my sound.Sometimes too thin other times too rough and distorted.Any suggestions or recipes that have worked for you.

I'm using a Fender Mustang 150 amp.

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With all due respect - why do you think it's the pickups?  You have a high end guitar with good pickups, but a relatively economical amplifier.  Can you get a great sound with that amp with other guitars?  If not, I suggest you check out other amps before considering a pick up change.  Hope that helps.

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Thanks Cal thats the response Im looking for. l have the JTV 69 guitar with all kind of pickup options and I run it through an HD500 . I was wondering what worked best for players with relatively the same setup.

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