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Helix Native 2.30 Plexi Brit Trem Bright, Normal, Jumpered Demos

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at the very end, the last 2mins of this video i call out the Line 6 guys


Line 6 guys, stop making marshall amp sims


we're good on marshall amp simps, we have about 15 of them


Dave friedman mentioned this weekend on tone talk live that marshall is NO LONGER producing UK amps


this means that marshall is either - dead in the water - or - moving to china


Stop making Marshall amp sims


Lets get some Friedman Amp simps, lets get the Suhr Bella ampsim 


Lets get some boutique amp sims, no more marshall, 


No seriously, no more marshall, they aren't even a relevant company anymore,  


That would be like making material referencing pontiac cars,  when pontiac means nothing for today.


see what im saying ? 


yeh thanks.

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