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How many GBs of RAM required for Remote?


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I've looked for this answer and couldn't find it, so forgive me if I missed it. I've just downloaded the Remote software for Windows 10. But before I install it, I was wondering if there was a minimum amount of RAM required for its use, similar to other modeling software. Does anyone know?


Also, I downloaded the driver (I saw the link on another post)--is that required also, or does it automatically come with the Remote software or upload when I connect to my amp? (I have a Spider V 120)


It would be nice if there were clearer instructions on how to use this. I previously used the Line 6 AX2 212 (so Line 6 and I go way back), which was considerably less complicated, and there were much better instructions. I've already thought about returning my amp several times because of the lack of clear instructions and tutorials. I'm still not totally sold. I have until the end of January to make up my mind. I feel like Line 6 is driving away potential customers, particularly the analog "traditionalists".


Cheers x

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Line6 is doing nothing of the kind. Given their advances in guitar and amp technology, I would say they are attracting more customers.  It is not unusual for tech companies to be poor documentarians. I know - I work for a very large tech company so I witness it firsthand.  That's what these forums are help users with questions so ask away !


I don't know what driver you're referring to, but just install the software and play with it.  If you're worried about not having enough RAM, I would suggest you don't have enough.  RAM has become very inexpensive so get 8GB so you can stop worrying.  =:-)

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As with most Line 6 products:



1. Download Line 6 Updater software for your product

2. Connect device to USB port on your computer

3. Updater utility will verify firmware (current or not). Many times units in production are behind current firmware.

4. User decides to update or not * on occasion some updates can change patch tones, so users may choose not to update.

Most computers on the W10 should have ample hardware to run the updater.

Where you may want to have more RAM is when operating a DAW (recording) software setup. 8GB min for most of the latest DAW software.

It does not require much Ram or CPU to run the Line 6 editors.


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