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Hello, I really don't know what to do. 


So basically, when I record things, whatever I use, it doesn't matter if I record my voice, or an instrument, or if I use Audacity or other programs... sometimes, the recordings will be slower and lower than the real sound, as if I had pitched them lower. But I didn't, of course. That's just how they turn out to be, without any effect applied.


I haven't touched a single thing in the settings. The device has always worked, I've always loved the results, and I've been using it for years now.


The odd thing? Yesterday, within the time span of ten minutes. I recorded on the same track many times. I didn't go back to listen while recording: for ten minutes I just pressed record, stop, save, record, stop, save, and of course I didn't touch the settings. When I sat down and checked the recordings, a few recordings were just fine, and others were slow and pitched (and no, I hadn't applied any effects yet). 


So I guess, the problem isn't the program, and it's not the settings. 


I really, really need everything to work, I have so much work to do. 


If you have any clue what might be wrong, please help.


PS: the other weird thing that comes to my mind, is that Windows has recently released a version update (and my computer got stuck while updating, btw, I had to ask for assistance, but everything turned out to be fine and the computer successfully completed the update)



I'm using Windows 10, Line6 Tone Direct, with POD Farm 2, and the programs I used are Magix Music Maker Rock Edition 3, and Audacity. 


Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help!

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With Magix are you selecting the Line6 ASIO drivers?

Audacity does not support ASIO out of the box, but you can compile it to.

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Pitch/speed change can sometimes happen when different sample rates are use - for example recording at 48K and playing back at 44.1K

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