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Pod Hd 500 Pro & L3t Stereo

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I've just purchased 2 L3t's for connection to my HD 500 Pro. The decision for purchasing the L3t's was simply the versatility of the speakers & the L6 link. I play in live bands as well as in duo's so the idea is the L3t's are simply used as a stereo setup in a live band situation with patches changing between electric & acoustic guitar speaker modes on the L3t's, so far so good. When the L6 links are connected from the HD 500 pro the L3t's read 1 & 2 & if I switch off the HD 500 Pro, they then revert back to L & R, I'm assuming this is correct. However when the L6 link is used & a music source for backing tracks is connected into the audio connections no signal from the backing tracks is being sent to the speaker numbered 2.

I then tried connecting the HD 500 from the L & R XLR out puts into separate channels on each speaker with the L6 link only connected from 1 speaker to the other. This then solved the problem of the music source signal being sent to just 1 speaker.


I guess my question is, is there a way to connect the HD 500 Pro using the L6 Link to the 1st speaker then the L6 Link to the second speaker & have the music backing track source signal sent to both speakers ? My feeling is that in a duo situation I'd be using the setup in PA mode & therefore will not be able to benefit from the L6 link capabilities for the HD500, I hope this all makes sense.


Any help & suggestion would be much appreciated.

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Was your issue ever solved? No one ever answered u. I have been trying to work out this same thing with my pod hd PROX and 2 l3ts. Have submitted ticket and no answer yet from line 6. Pretty frustrated that I have 3 grand in gear that isn't working as advertised with l6 link.

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