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Flextone III XL 212 - Weird painfull treble sound.

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Hi there.


This is my first post on this forum. I need to find a solution for this problem.


My equipement - ESP ltd ex400 (emg 80/61), BOSS ME 70, FLEXTONE III XL




I decided to use BOSS ME-70 as my whole effect point.... so to make it. I avoiding preamp of Flextone III XL, so i can use only speakers of the amp.. so BOSS ME 70 doing whole job about creating my tone.


The problem is.. that i can't get decent distorted sound, which won't be hurting ears becaues of weird HIGH TONES... even if i will reduce treble pot on BOSS ME70 to minimal ammounts... amp keeps producing weird thin, high sound... it is pretty feel-able at around 7 meters from amplifier. Any solutions? Maybe i shouldn't avoid preamp... so i would try to set a "cleanest clean" on flextone possible.... How to make it then? I can't just switch off of simulations on the amp.


Please. Don't ask me why i'm using multieffect, while i have amp with bunch of effects... i just like much more ME70 instead of Flextone simulation and effects.



Some say, these high, ear-attacking sounds, are just affected by my active EMG pickups... but i don't think so this sounds coming out of the pickups.. just because it's have additionall power.



Btw. when i'm avoiding preamp in flextone, i just have to plug "dummy jack"... which is weirdest thing i ever saw about amps... is it.. "legit" in musical sense.



Greetings and i hope someone will answer here.




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Its a toughie to diagnose things like this via a forum but if I was to guess I would say you are sending too strong a signal to the FX loop. Active PUs can really drive a MFX unit and need to have the input buffered a bit. Pods use a "pad" feature to cut the input signal. At volume you really don't need gain cranked to 10 either btw. So start with some baby steps working on getting a usable mild od then build up the ME's patches to see what is causing the problems. Its probably not the Flexy as you are just hitting to power amp outputting the ME's signal.


The dummy jack thing is not unheard of though not really common.

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The problem is solved. I spent like... 5 hours of combining.... then in rage mode i decided to re-plug cables into acidentall way. I found out, that i can make real loop. I mean...


Amp  return mono into BOSS Left send.. .and so on... Amp send into boss input. So i plug guitar straight to amp input. 


The result is :


i have able four chanels and internal effects of amp - i like it, because i found out that the distortion from amp is much more natural and warmer for ear than boss. So i decided to use Boss ME as a modulation effects/wah center only... so the distortion coming only from my amp. I love this setup. Everything now seems fine... i am a idiot in these things... so im happy i found the way atleast. 


Thanks for your response mate :)

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