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Hd500 Four Cable Method > Tube Amp Questions


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Hi, i want to be able to use my POD just for effects and use the sound of my tube amp. 


So, i make a patch with amp and cab disabled, 


Where abouts do i insert the FX loop block, if i want a compressor, tube screamer and noise gate for example before my tube amp, and reverb, delay etc.. after my amp? 


What setting would these be? Studio/Direct, Combo Pwr Amp etc...? 


Will i need to adjust the mixer levels? 


Is there anything else i should know? Any problems i might come across or any tips that could help me?



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Could someone please explain the signal path in the 4cm for me so I can wrap my head around it. I'm not sure if I'm Having issues or this is normal.

First, I'm using a pod 500HD and a Marshall DSL100H.

  1. guitar > guitar in Pod
  2. FX send Pod > Head input
  3. 1/4 out Pod > return amp loop
  4. send amp loop > Pod fx return
  5. noisegate, dist, fx loop. delay. phase, trem

how does the noisegate and dist only get to the amp preamp is the cable is coming from the pod fx send? it doesnt seem that the delay, phase, trem have any effect on the tone, and why is there no sound at all when I turn the fx loop pedal off, not even preamp sound? 


Thanks for any explanation.

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