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4 cable method between FHFX and VETTA II combo?


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I think I am loosing it, sorry for being so incredibly stupid but I am trying to connect my new FHFX into my Line6 Vetta Combo. Is that even possible to do with 4 cable method? It's the only AMP I have. I want to test the FHFX tones etc on a clean setting on my VETTA. 


How do I connect the FH into the VETTA? This is what I have tried:


Guitar cable in the Firehawks "Guitar in"

1 cable from FH's "FX return left/mono" into Vetta's "Stereo effects loop SEND"

1 cable from the FH's "FX send left/mono" into Vetta's "Guitar in"

1 cable From the FH's "1/4 OUT left/mono" into Vetta's "Stereo effects loop RETURN"


I get no sound whatsoever. I've watch and read how other ppl hook up their Firehawk to their amps but somehow the Vetta combo does not respond to this idea at all. What can be the problem? Please help me try to troubleshoot this. It would be deeply appriciated. I'm not sure if you even can use the vetta combo like this. To disconnect the preamp and all the modelling and run it with the firehawk ;(




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Hi Darrell and thanks for taking time to explain this to me :)


Nope it wasnt turned on (I am so stupid haha sorry)... I now have sound but I am puzzled as to where I move the FX Loop in the signal chain on the FH. I've read "in front of the amp..." but get a very low signal. It's probably not written in stone so I will laborate with it unless there is a sure way to put it. The other thing you asked me is really interesting since I am using normal guitar cables but I get sound (although low output) But do you mean I should get "Guitar cables" with mono on one end (for the FH) and stereo for the Vetta end? Or does it work with 1/4 stereo cables in the FH too and if so what does that accomplish (haha sorry for asking all these questions)




ps. I have't played guitar for a long time and sort of forgotten just about everything I learned about the vetta back in 09 when I bought it 

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You're welcome.


I'm not too familiar with the FH.  Does it allow separate FX send and FX return blocks or is there only an FX loop block?


If it allows separate blocks, I'd put the FX send before the FH amp and the FX return after it.  That way it totally bypasses your FH amp when using your Vetta preamp.


If it only allows a FX loop block, I think you would want the FX loop in front of the amp block, and disable the amp block when the FX loop is engaged, because otherwise you'll be running through your Vetta preamp and then back into your FH and through it's amp as well.


You might look on CustomTone and see if anyone has posted a 4 cable method patch or template.


And I wouldn't worry about the stereo cables if it's working.

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thanks DarrellM5


Just to make sure I got this right, I will run the FX loop in front of the amp modules in FH and turn all amps and cabs off?

Or should I leave them on and turn off all amp modules on the Vetta? (still a bit confusing to me)




ps. it's just a "FX Loop" block that you can move around in the chain

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Do you have the Vetta fx loop turned on?  It is selectable.


Also, are you using TRS (stereo cables)?  The Vetta fx send and return are stereo jacks.


As I wrote before it was turned OFF but it still doesnt make sense to me. With the FX Loop turned OFF on the FHFX then I should be hearing the Vetta itself right?

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