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MP3 input silencing guitar output


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I have just got a Spider Classic 15 amp for (early ðŸ˜) Christmas present.

I had my guitar plugged to input, my Google pixel 2 phone to cd/MP3 input and my headphones on the output.

I could hear the guitar fine on its own, and I could hear the song from my phone playing fine on its own. When I tried to play along with the song I couldn't hear my guitar. It's like the song takes priority over the guitar and cuts off its output. When I turned off the song, the guitar was fine again.

Kinda weird, and I have no idea what to do to sort it. I played around with ask the settings and turned it off and on and it stayed the same.

Any ideas?



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I had another go with the MP3 input and managed to get it working.

I had to change the channel volume and now it's fine.

I've only been playing a couple years and this is my first amp with more than just volume bass and treble knobs lol, so had no idea.

Feeling a bit silly lol, but thanks for the help BillBee.

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