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loving derailed Ingrid


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well - i spended most of the time with Helix by trying presets (Line6, Glenn Delaune, Fremen) and tweaking a bit, never really dived deeper into one amp - perhaps a big mistake. So the raw diversity of amps and effects seduced me just to play around and prevented to discover the real substance - i just could'nt resist playing around.

Give  a big room full of toys to a little child - it will probably never be creative with one thing cause all the others need to be tried out - so did i.


The last days i played a bit more with the trainwreck model cause a lot of people praise the original but the factory preset was'nt spectacular to my ears.

Now: Just Wow! :o

I builded a preset from scratch (how it should be done - i know) beginning just with the amp and a cab - later replacing the cab by a parametric EQ.

Playing around with every single parameter, i was more exited with every minute of tweaking. This thing reacts so good on a huge range of input dynamics - it's amazing.

It brightens up more and more as i reduce Gain or guitar volume so i can have the whole range from a brilliant clean tone to a midboostet high gain just with a turn on the guitar volume. Even at higher gain, the differences between different guitars and pickup-configurations stay audible  - great!

To me - this shows the potential of modelling i never 've seen like this before cause i was fixed to switch between hundreds of presets.


If i would be allowed to use only one amp - this would be mine :wub:


Write this just to encourage others like me to stop switching presets and dive deeper in ONE amp - just like in the real live. Just a few people will have dozens of amps and dozenz of cabs and hundreds off effects at home or on stage and if they have - i bet the most of them are even lost in all the possibilities - never digging the optimum out of a single piece. The few others - i call "pros"-  as they probably handle this stuff every single day for years and are experienced enough.


Just an idea: Sell the Helix with just one amp unlocked - then unlocking one new amp every week. I bet most people would get a lot more out of this box than today.

OK OK - just kidding :D

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I agree with your main point!  I have a lot of presets (all created from scratch) and as I go through them jamming, I find more than a couple that sound pretty similar and I have thought I should do what you suggest, but haven't much.  With the new update, I've spent more time than I used to with a few of the new amps and really like what I'm getting.  Great post!

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I'm currently working on a set around the AC30, so i agree with you. The whole dynamic response is there and you've got access to a lot of sound just by varying the gain and your play.


On the other hand, i think simplicity is the strenght of Helix. Had an Axe-FX II before. It was a great machine with a lot of possibilities. Some may say it sounds better, but it's only a matter of % anyway (meaning that the audience will never tell the difference) and the learning curve is steep. The possibility to build a playable patch in a few seconds without tweaking hundreds of sub-menus is invaluable to me.


With the Axe i used to tweak a lot, with the Helix i just play a lot and when you think about it, playing is just the main purpose ;)

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Give  a big room full of toys to a little child - it will probably never be creative with one thing cause all the others need to be tried out

That is one reason why folks accumulate presets and always 'cry for more'...


I like that old wise saying: 'All presets suck' ;)


OTOH there are users who like to work with a more statistical concept (regarding presets /tones):

This is the reverse concept to deal with that 'room full of toys'.


Times are really changing:

There are so many 'toys' (perfect tools) we have to deal with, a numerousness of possibilities...

Is it more difficult to find (a specific) a sound with so many options we have?

Maybe we need better ears and even more 'discipline' -

otherwise we might get destracted constantly...


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Apologies for adding to the derailing of this thread (pun intented, but unavoidable really...) but I can really relate to what you are saying about “too many toysâ€. I’ve been in a near constant state of option-overload with Helix. Good problem to have but there it is. I never really had multiple tube amps at any given time, so when I was playing tube amps I knew exactly how to wrangle every sound it was capable of out of the thing. I’ve been trying to take more of that approach with Helix of late, and I’m working with just a couple of favorites to really get the most out of them. It’s almost a relief, haha! Thanks for the post and thanks for the recommendation, I haven’t even touched the Derailed Ingred yet...

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I also have been using the Derailed model for a clean, slight crunch and overdrive.  Man, it does not disappoint.  Before I was bouncing between the Soldano crunch and overdrive models to achieve all three sounds.  While I found the Soldano's overdrive channel to be great, the crunch was a bit too spongy for my liking.  The Derailed is nothing short of awesome.

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I just updated my Helix LT to 2.52, and bought Celestion IRs.  What a treat to discover the Derailed Ingrid amp.  Coupled with the increased clarity of the imported IRs this sound is amazing.  I look forward to digging in more, but I never imagined a digital amp model could be so responsive.  


It's an absolute joy to play with this sound!  Great job, Line 6.  



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