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When calibrating exp. pedal, heel will not go to 0. Toe goes to 255


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Went thru calibration procedure several times on my newly purchased HD500x.  Toe is correct every time, but heel will not set to 0.  It sets to 26 every time I have tried to calibrate it.

Has anyone had this problem? Have you been able to get it corrected?

Thank you

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OK, like chiolas in the link above, given by Guru, my pedal finally calibrated from 0 at the heel to 255 at the toe....the only thing I did differently than before is tap the C switch once more before slowly bringing the pedal back to the heel position. Crazy, but it registered 0 as I went the full throw several times to make sure it was done.  I saved it with the D switch, a P appeared, I powered the unit off and on, and all seems to be in order.

Thank you all for your comments.

Ian Cone 

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