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Helix users; assigning the Phones knob to the 1/4" outputs, Volume knob to the XLR outs

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For live use u connect the XLRs to the FOH and I use the 1/4" outs for my QSC k10 for monitoring.

I've discovered the need for a separate volum control/knob for my monitors without affecting the P.A. / FOH level.


In the "Global settings" it seems that I can route the volume knob to only XLR outs - that works fine. The 1/4" outs then hits full output to my monitors without any way for controlling the volume output from the Helix.

Routing the Phones to 1/4" nothing happens.

I've tried to route the other way around (Volume knob only controlling the 1/4"). The XLR outs are then on full output volume and can't be controlled by the Phones knob, even when this knob is routed to "XLR".

It seems that only the Volume knob is "working".


Anyone had any experience on how to route the Volume to XLR outs and the Phones vol to the 1/4" outs?


Im running FW version 2.30.0

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If you are sending XLR to FOH, do you need to control XLR with volume knob? 


I send my XLR To FOH. I route my 1/4" only volume control to the main volume knob to control external personal monitor if I am using them. That way FOH gets full volume from Helix that they can adjust, and I can adjust my personal monitor with my volume knob. 

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