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Got an X3 Bean, want to play direct, no sound from 1/4" outputs


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Hi Folks,


I just picked up an X3 in hopes that it will be good enough to drive me to pick up the POD HD Pro X since it's on sale everywhere. I got Gearbox, Monkey, and Farm installed, driver installed, and my Win 10 system can see it through he USB connection, load the patches, and change settings. However, I am not getting any sound from the 1/4" outputs while directly attached to a pair of powered monitors. I don't even get that grounded live circuit sound when I touch the end of the guitar cable. So, I did a factory reset of the unit, but no dice. Cable is good, though I tried another one for the heck of it, no sound still. 


One odd thing to mention, I can hear a weird power on and off sound through the connected speakers,when, as you might imagine, I power the X3 on or off. So, it's definitely electrically connected to those speakers. I also disconnected the USB cable, but nothing changed.


Any ideas? Can this unit be used to just play my guitar straight through into my studio monitors? Being in its factory state, I figured any oddball configs would be wiped, so I should be starting with a clean slate.


Edit: Now I connected the 1/4" outputs to my Focusrite 2i2, no sound, no output that even shows a lighted level on the 2i2. Then I connected headphones to the headphone jack, and all I hear is this whining modulated pitch going through them. I'm now thinking that this is DOA.

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Hmmm - well you would need to read up Section 6 of the manual (Edit: its for the config - inputs/outs). Even if you had an dual tone panned patch with only one of the tones selected, head phones should have picked up the stereo.  


I'm am not going to suggest you open 'er up.  Sometimes if the tuner doesn't see a signal it can point to a bad jack. But you have signal in.


But check your cables, batteries (if active PUs) and then connect the unit to Gearbox and see what the patch settings are.


If nothing checks out you will have to reflash the unit and hope that does the trick.


After that its submit a support ticket to the L6 Mothership time.

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