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Helix Native Automatisation in Pro Tools 12.4


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Hello Colleagues 


I have already created an WAH Pedal Automatization in Pro Tools 12.4 and using it with Bias Fx with no problems, Now I am trying to use the same MIDI information in HELIX NATIVE without Success


I Already done what the manual says but It doesn't have examples in Pro Tools



Any Clue?

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As @zolko60 sez, use Pro Tools automation lane, not Midi. If you haven't automated before, do a search on "pro tools plugin automation", there are plenty of tips. After you've assign your parameter control knobs and switches in Helix Native, they'll appear as (for example) Knob 3 or Switch 5 in Pro Tools' list of available automation parameters. You have to keep track of which switch is which switch, b*tch. And, if you make changes later, you'll have to re-do.

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