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Line 6 vetta


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I have recently bought a second hand vetta1 combo. Fantastic bit of kit but unlike the spider models I had previously I am unable to connect to my PC to download custom tones. The vetta ii appears to connect via USBport however my original vetta i has no USB. I have bought 2 expensive cables that are supposed to connect to PC via the midi port but I have had no luck and my PCs do not see the amp on connection.

I am looking to see if there is a site somewhere that has custom tones where I can simply note the settings from the site and manually enter into the amp. Can anyone advise. Thank you

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I use the same cable a Znake. I have to connect it in/in and out/out for an odd reason but it works that way for most stuff.  Be sure to get the latest drivers for whatever usb/midi cable you use.


There is a really good facebook group for the Vetta where you can probably nab some settings as there are active users there.

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