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4 Cable Method X3 Live w/ FH 1500

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I just recently bought FH 1500 about a week ago and I'm still clinging on with my beloved x3 live. I really can't justify the cost of upgrading to HD500x or Helix with just a small difference especially with distorted effects. Also, I have a JTV 89f and loving the sound of the acoustic through FH. Is it possible to connect my X3L to FH using a 4 cable method? I'm trying to find a diagram to show me how to do this but I can only see HD500x. Would this be the same way of connecting my X3L? Sorry for my ignorance as I'm new to this fx loop method. Many thanks.

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You can set it up a few ways. I got my helix going from the XLR out to the monitors and a 1/4†out from the helix to the Guitar in on the Firehawk. I am sure that you can do the four cable method but I have yet to try. I play my jtv89 with an acoustic preset on helix and it sounds great but I have also made a blank preset to and utilize the Firehawks sounds. I also have another preset with a loop going to a digitech rp360xp so I can listen to that unit through the Firehawk. It is an incredible flexible unit. I hope this helps.

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Thanks zivdud, your help is much appreciated. I will try your suggestion and hope to get a fantastic sound through X3. If not, I'll probably save for my next HDx or Helix purchase. Many thanks. :)


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I tried this W/D/W setup yesterday and it works.


For those of you who loves X3 and don't have money to buy Helix see below. :)


*** Feed Guitar Amps - Dry


1. X3L Back Panel - Connect the left 1/4-inch output to FH1500 Guitar input


2. Using X3L console, set the first OUTPUTS page, (1/4-inch Outputs):


Mode: Combo Front 

Tone 1: On

Tone 1 Pan: Full Left

Tone 2: On

Tone 2 Pan: Full Right 


3. Dial in my dry sound on Tone 1, no effects.


4. From the Home Page, turn the second knob below the display, and begin loading Tone 2 settings.


5. Add more effects to Tone 2, cranking up the effect mixes, so you hear all or nearly all “wet†signal from Tone 2.


6. Save



*** Feed a Guitar Amp and Send Separate XLR Direct Outs 


1. X3L back panel - Connect 2 x XLR outputs going to 2 x FH1500 Monitor. Set the volume knob to 50%


2. On second OUTPUTS page (Studio/Direct Mix) set the XLR output signals:


Mode: Studio/Direct•

Tone 1: On•

Tone 1 Pan: as desired•

Tone 2: On•

Tone 2 Pan: as desired•


3. Check your Master Volume. 


4. Last thing, set your FireHawk to FRFR by downloading NAMM FRFR from cloud. 


To check my dry signal I have to select Tone 1, then Tone 2 for wet. To combine Wet/DryWet press and hold for dual(Tone2). 


To hear if all my speakers are working I have to pan left and right the output for XLR Direct Outs using the console or Gearbox.You can also remove the physical Guitar In/XLRs cable

if you can't hear the speaker because they're very close to each other. 


My default setting for FH1500 is set to Stereo - Wall and I can barely hear the separation of my wet and dry signal but when I set this to Stereo Wide that's 

when I hear a more pronounced separation. Works like a charm. 

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