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Pod Hd500x Pedal 2


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Hi all,

I just made the switch from the TC G System to the HD500X. I'm busily downloading tones and trying to come up with some good tones that I can use in a worship setting. I play in a church that seats about 1,100. My plan is to run my Les Paul studio deluxe into the POD then direct out mono to the board. (Until I maybe get a James Tyler Variax....)


My question:

I am experimenting with using a pedal plugged into the "pedal 2" jack. I'm using the same pedal that I used with the G System, a Boss FV-500H, which seems to work great. The G System allowed me to turn on effects simply by using the pedal. For example, if I have the pedal assigned to a wah, I can just start sweeping the pedal and the wah would activate. If I stopped moving it for an assignable amount of time (1 sec, 2 sec immediately, etc) the wah would turn off. If I have to assign the wah to a switch then go over to pedal 2, then I will probably just use the pedal on the board with the toe switch.


Where this really becomes a problem is when I'm using #2 to change delay feedback or verb decay, then use the toe switch to go back to the volume, my effect will stay at its highest point.


Any and all suggestions are welcome.




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Well, if you did buy a JTV Variax, you can use the volume and tone knobs on the guitar to control multiple things on the hd500...I often use my tone knob to control delay mix, or rotary speed, and even use it as a whammy bar (down only) on some patches.


I would have kept my G System if they had overdrive/distortion in it.

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Yeah, the G System with the 4 cable method was awesome, just too much to carry around and set up. I used mine with an Egnater Tweaker 40 with great results.


I really think I'm going to sell some gear then get the variax. Thanks for the pointers!

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