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Cannot get sound on my amp when FX Loop is turned off


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Hello friends


I have just gotten a Firehawk and I have som problems understanding a few (probably silly and easy) things with the alternative "four cable method" and the Firehawk. It's been correctly connected (thanks for all instructions about that) and when the FX Loop is turned on I can use all the effects nicely. But when I turn the FX Loop off of the FH there is no sound at all? It's like the amp I'm running FH through is turned off. And I cannot (FX Loop turned on or off) hear any of my playback music. The music that normally via bluetooth gets sent to the poweramp


What can be the problem do you think? If I plug the FH stright inte the "guitar in" on my amp or just use my amp without FH then the amp works fine but somehow the 4 cable method seem to disconnect the poweramp in my amp (or something)


Thanks in advance for help and have a bjotiful x-mas



ps. pic is to show my setup in my ipad ds


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From what I'm learning of the Firehawk, what happens when you switch FX Loop Off is that the Send signal Only is stopped.
It's not bypassed like you would get on a true-bypass pedal.
Now, if you're in 4CM configuration you can't turn FX Loop off and still get a signal sent to the amp because in that Config the FX Loop isn't just for FX any more, it's part of the main route for the signal.

The music playback thing is because the Firehawk is deliberately designed to NOT send the music signal to your Amp.
It will always send the music to the "other" output.
By "other" I mean as set by the Line/Amp switch between the XLR and the 1/4" output jacks on the back of the unit.
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