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Hd500x Locked Up, Powercycle Off And On, No Volume Pedal


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While attempting to add another amp model in a patch, My HD500x shut off, restarted, then went in to a cycle of off, then back on, off etc.

I unplugged and repowered up holding the left arrow key. The unit came back on, and when I tried to disable the amp in that patch, it would start to cycle again.


Restarted using left arrow, re-flashed rig, usb, and drivers all of that. Unit came back on but no vloume pedal or wah functionality in any patch. The pedal icon is there but no function. Luckily, I was not doing this with headphones on as one patch I selected was WIDE OPEN including the master output volume. I about blew me out of the music room.


I have had the HD for about a month now, and fortunately, I still have my 500X, as this happened on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and I needed to use it Sunday AM.


Have sent a work ticket to Line6 but was informed they will respond within 3 days. Come on, really? Am waiting for an answer, and have contacted Musicians Supply about their return policy. Will check on Line 6 Warranty stuff.


Appreciate any help here, Thanks all.





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After reflashing firmware you need to reset the global parameters and recalibrate the pedal.


Q: How do I reset the global settings of my POD HD Device?
A: Press and hold the Left Arrow button on the 4 Way Nav as you power on the POD. This reset resets the global settings back to factory defaults and also renames the Set Lists to factory as well. NOTE: This DOES NOT reset the presets. That requires re-installing the flash memory using Line 6 Monkey. (Same as Factory Reset above.)

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Went through steps over again, and re-calibrated the volume pedal. The HD500X is back and functioning. My question now, why did it lock up? I suspect that I over-ran the DSP causing it to lock up. If so, why no warning? It allowed me to insert the second amp model, then it started cycling.


For the next couple weeks, I will probably continue to use by back up HD500 until I have a chance to build confidence in the X rig.


I will pose the "why" question to Customer Service when they respond to my service ticket.


In the meantime, thank you for your help. In the end, I still prefer Line 6 to any other product that I have encountered.



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A combination of the Community Support and Support Ticket response, the 500X lives again.

I Posed a couple more questions to the Support Tech, basically, I asked "why do you suppose this happend"? One thing he mentioned was it could be a corrupt patch. I actually DID download some patches earlier that day. 3 were NOT from the Line 6 download area, they were from a Youtube link. So with that in mind, I asked about a delete function, or how do I remove them from my rig? I Love the answer. (paraphrasing) There is no delete function,but you can grab a New Tone patch and save as/copy it to that slot. Why didn't I think of that? (duoh!)


Just wanted to say thanks,



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