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Volume Issue After Updating to 2.30


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I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue, but I just updated to version 2.30, and immediately after updating I have noticed the overall volume has decreased exponentially. 


I have the Helix LT, and I'm strictly a living room headphone player, with my iPad connected into the returns to jam along with songs (using a 1/8 stereo to dual 1/4 mono Y-Splitter on a separate signal path). I have my main presets setup so that the guitar/amp volumes perfectly blend with the iPad music path volume (with dB adjustments on Anytune+ app to individual song volumes to make them all even). 


After updating to 2.30, the volume on everything, both the guitar and the iPad input, decreased big time (and evenly), and I had to set the main large volume knob on the Helix about 3 times higher than it was with the previous firmware (2.20) to get the same headphone volume, which is now close to maxed....  I followed the directions exactly and everything went very smoothly with the update, with the exception of the extremely low output in the headphone jack afterwords. 


Hoping  there is something simple I am missing to return the output to what it was prior to updating the unit.

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