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Is the StageScape Mixer recommended in 2018?

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I'm in the market for something like this.  Sort of a live mixer/backing track playback/basic recording console all-in-one. 


On paper, this mixer seems great for me:


On board recording

Simple playback of backing tracks

Can connect to DAW to record

Simplified mixing

Saving live mix scenes for different venues

Interactive with the StageSource speakers

Lots of good DSP options for live use



But reading through this forum, it makes the StageScape mixer sound like a failed product experiment that Line6 has left to die on the vine with little reliability or support.


Is that the case or is this product still viable and relevant in 2018?  Is there a better way to get the same things these days?  QSC Live Touch 16?

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I suspect the lack of evolution in the Line 6 Live Sound products relates to the takeover of Line 6 by Yamaha. I suspect you will see a lot of the Stagesource/Scape technologies in a future Yamaha product.


But to answer your question, the StageScape mixer remains an excellent product and does what it does very well. But it will not likely be improved further by Line 6 imho. If you find a better product in 2018 (even on paper) then go for it.


And while the M20d can connect to a DAW to record, as you mention, it is not a general purpose audio interface for a DAW.

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I was facing with the same doubt 6 months ago...it's true that the M20d appears to be an abandoned product, though it is still selling, and this makes you wonder if it's worth to adopt it at this late stage.

On the other hand, i compared its features and advanced capabilities with "similar" mixers...and....there is nothing similar in the market.
All other digital mixers are just plain simple mixers...the M20d has an incredible amount of DSP power in it, and so flexible and easy to operate, setup and finally, use, that nothing comes close (i think:). The effect chains you can attach to each channels do include some very advanced effects that i still can't use properly :-)


The other factor that made me opt for the M20d is the synergy with StageSource powered speakers....it's really magical how everything self-recognizes and self-reconfigures automatically...and then you can control all speakers - front-facing and monitors - from the mixer, including effects and equalization.
So i went for the M20d and a pair of L3Ms...and can't regret it at all.

Up to you...it's a risk, and there hasn't been any updates for years, but...it's a mixer that sold for 1500$...and now you can find it for as low as 699 GPB at Anderton's...i would say, for the amount of features it brings to you, it's worth taking it.

I certainly am extremely happy with my choice so far :)


My 1.5 cents!:-)

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I used my rig for a gig last night! My buddies band asked me to do sound; M20d mixer, pair of L3m for the mains and a pair of L2t for floor monitors.

Five piece band; two guitars, drums, bass, keys, with three vocal lines.


I take the mixing philosophy with this system to put *everything* through the mains and crank it all up so the mix coming out of the mains is not depending on stage volumes to sound good.


It works great! And sounds stellar. I love messing with the delay effects for guitar solos and random cool bits on the vocals. 


Recorded everything to a couple of 32G cards. It's hard to beat for the ability to scale up; but this rig was plenty loud for the room; no subs needed.

The L3 design is clever, running the low crossover into the bottom speaker gives you a more articulate mix of everything. Love it!

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the M20d mixer is still a great mixer.  I just think the support and updates for it has disappeared, as Yamaha is pushing their TF mixer line.    I upgraded to the TF mixers (TF3 and TFRack) because i needed the aux sends and I love the Dante audio recording and stage box options.

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I too have retired my M20D in favour of the Yamaha TF1. Still using the L3ms and L3s and it sounds great. Go L&R to the first sub then L6 link from there. Loads more options for external effects, monitors and Dante plus expansion/stage boxes over ethernet cable. For smaller venues I'm going to be using LD Sytems Curv 500 TS, as they're lighter and quicker to wire up, and sound awesome!

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I still like the Stagescape and thought about getting a backup unit. We don't use it exclusively but when we play smaller venues or outdoor venues where we supply the PA, this thing is invaluable. Your list, based on your research, still make it an attractive unit. As silverhead mentioned, it does not function as an audio interface for your DAW but you can get good recordings and bounce them to your DAW later for editing / mixing. The backtracks are simple with the media player but you cannot record to the media card at the same time, so there's a limitation there as well.


I wish it was still being updated and dislike Yamaha's approach here, but for those of us who have them, we recognize it is a powerful unit in a very compact package. Even comparing it to the TF1, I like that the M20D can be in my personal rack and have a very quick set up when needed. I see no reason why it can't still be a mixer for 2018 - 2020. I'm still learning things deep inside this unit.

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I was one of the 'early adopters' of the StageSource set up and still use it regularly. You will always find nay-sayers (usually at gigs!) telling you how unreliable they are and how getting support from Line 6 is impossible, but my attitude is this; the system sounds amazing, I have never been let down by it and the recordings done on it are brilliant.

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Been using the TF1 for recording just recently. Downside is it won't "talk" to Logic but works easily with, the Yamaha owned Nuendo supplied with the TF1(go figure)!


The recordings are way way better from the TF1 than the M20D. I had hedged my bets and held on to the M20D and 4 of each L3ms and L3s, but I'll be taking pictures of these shortly and they'll be up for sale!


I don't like the way Yamaha operate, but they do make good gear and there are a lot of features in the TF series that look like they've been taken from the M20D. It's very simple to use even for the novice. Only downside is its footprint but I can live with it!


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