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Special lead needed.

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G'day groovers, This one is a lot more technical than something like "How do I get this sound..."

I need a special lead for my JTV/ Helix rig, but not the typical Cat5/6 cannon lead we all use, (although it is at the same time)

Along with my Jtv/ helix rig, I also run a POSSE Audio in ear monitoring system, and that is cable connected from the floor box to my belt pack, using a Midi cable.  The Posse is awesome if I am gigging with an acoustic, as only the one lead is needed to the floor unit and it carries the in ear signal up as well as the guitar signal down, but obviously using a JTV / Helix rig, this is more of a logistical nightmare to overcome.

Currently i have both the Midi lead and JTV leads taped side by side, it is bulky, annoying, will not lay flat, wraps around everything (feet, fx units, mic stands...)  so I need to make a two headed snake basically that will allow me to run both the canon style JTV plugs and Midi plugs inside the one lead, preferably not too thick / bulky.

So my question, which of the pins / wires inside the Cat5/6 cable are actually used to transmit information between the units?  Are those canon style cat5/6 connectors available somewhere or do i need to cannibalise the leads I own?  

I'll be asking POSSE the same questions regarding their Midi connections, as it is possible that only a few of the cables are being utilised in each connector for each unit, in which case I may be able to par the thickness of the cable (number of cores) down accordingly, and lighten the load.

Has anyone seen a cable with these connectors at either end?  Does anyone know of somebody who could produce them, without charging an arm and two legs?

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