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Pod X3 Bean Tone Cuts Out By High Pitch Sound

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I plug my x3 into my computer using the USB all the time to play along to songs.  Lately, while I'm playing along to a song, the sound cuts out and all I get is this high pitched 'feedback' that won't stop unless I shut it off.  Even unplugging the USB doesn't stop it, or switching channels.  I have updated all my drivers using Monkey, and that still doesn't seem to help.  Does anyone have any ideas on what the hell is happening and how to fix it?


My computer info  is: Windows 7

Intel Core i7 - 3770 CPU @3.40 GHz

16.0 RAM

64 bit operating system

ASUS desktop CM6870


pod x3 info:  drivers -

                    USB firmware - 1.02

                    flash memory - 2.00

                    line 6 monkey - 1.65


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