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Weird problem on Logic Pro X controlling Helix LT


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Hi guys, I've got a question for you.

Since this is my first post on this forum I'd like to introduce myself: I am Fed, a guitarist, mixing and mastering engineer from the North of England.
I am setting up a live rig with my band: a MacBook running Logic Pro X that controls our lighting system, backing tracks, my Fractal Ax8 and my guitarist's Helix LT.
I've read the entire manual, done a bit of trial and error and I've managed to setup all the CC/PC and everything works properly until I move the playhead in Logic (both with the mouse or the hotkeys). Each time I move the playhead the Helix goes on tuning mode, the next time it turns off the tuning mode (and go on and on) without any apparent reason.
If I save the Logic project, close the project, open it again and I start it from the top without stopping or moving the playhead at all it works fine, but the first time that I move the playhead it start to act crazy again.
Are there some settings I need to change? Has someone got this problem and know how to solve it? What am I doing wrong?
I can do a video if it helps you to understand, thank you in advance!


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Have you checked your MIDI stream to see what Logic is sending to your Helix? As mentioned, Helix responds to CC68 to toggle the tuner screen...could you have some sort of embedded control in your automation file or something (CC68 is often used for legato switch, for example).


MIDI Monitor is a good sw utility to use to spy on MIDI message streams...

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