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AC Coupled vs./ DC Coupled interface?


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Note: I have noticed the CV jack...

but no mention of CV DC Coulpled (OR rather the-AC Coupled) in any document that I have seen.


I saw this Modular Synthesizer(I am a (5)Synthesizer owner, myself) Demo, to do with/ their audio interface using Bitwig on their ipad

Is there a future Model that will (continue/)be everyone's feature rich, guitar effects processor /and Audio Interface in 1.


Molten Modular 09 DC Coupling, CV and DAW control with bitwig 2.1



Good question or not?

OR maybe I may be(have missed) missing something here?


thanks very much


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The CV plug on the Helix is an output.  The real concern would be what you are trying to plug it in to, or couple it to.  If that thing is expecting audio frequency signals, it might have a filter at the front end that would get rid of any low frequency or constant (DC) voltages.  That would make it AC coupled in this context.  I didn't watch the entire video you posted, but it looks like the issue was trying to get CV signals, which are effectively DC relative to audio frequencies, into a computer via an audio interface.  Since the audio interface is likely expecting audio frequency signals, there's a good chance that it would filter out low frequency signals like control voltages.  But if you are plugging the Helix's CV out into something that is expecting CV or expression (slow) signals, then it would be highly unlikely that it has a filter, or is AC coupled.

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