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Fbv Shortboard Mkii

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I have an FBV Shortboard MKII and I have a problem with the down footswitch and a similar problem with the Function 2 footswitch


The down switch does not always make contact


If I spin the chrome switch in the housing and wiggle it comes back for a couple of presses but basically I think the switch is probably broken


Can they be replaced easily?


I tried to undo the allen key but 3mm is too large and 2.5mm is too small


Is it AF or UNF instead of metric?


Does anyone know the size?


The Function 2 switch is clearly on its way out


Again, before I take it apart, can someone describe the switches and tell me if they can be repaired or replaced











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Yes, I have this ongoing issue as well. Don't mess with the external buttons because that is not the problem. You need to change the buttons inside that are soldered to the circuit boards. I made a fairly lengthy post about this some time ago but it seems they are only keeping posts up to one year.


Long storry short you need to take it in and get it fixed by a qualified repair shop or do it your self. I opted for the later, it's easy if you know how to solder.


Going to try and find my post and send it to you.

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Hey I know this is an older thread, but it was the first search result when I ran into the same problem with my shortboard.  I sifted through various other threads and made a little how-to guide (I had to do it myself, so why not).  


It's a pretty easy job to swap them and doesn't cost much money in parts.



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